Libro - "Life Still" de Raúl Pérez
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Libro - "Life Still" de Raúl Pérez

Carmencita Editions is a collaborative project of four members, following the goal to materialize the poetry of Analogue photography into physical books and prints. The publication series explores the medium’s potential to link individuals all over the world as well as locally in the Valencia community. The series is a response to the complexities of the medium and its potential to connect people, both in the physical world and the digital space, while also being a way of exploring the world through the lens of a camera and the lens of a book. The series is also a way of exploring the world in new ways, and is an opportunity to expand the boundaries of what is possible through the medium of photography.

Life Still, the first publication in the series, is a collection of pictures by Valencia-based photographer Raúl Perez.

Each of this year’s three volumes in the series aims to present a narrative that we believe is relevant to the photography community around the world, and to examine the relationships between people, the locations where they live, and their interaction with their surroundings. The books also intend to provide a concrete, tangible sense of this relationship that others can investigate and experience.

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